Scrubber Dryer


1.Humanized design, driving comfort, nimble, high cleaning efficiency

2.Powerful suction motor synchronous pumped sewage, ultra-quiet design to reduce operator and noise impacts on the surrounding environment

3.Machines set up automatic and manual modes of operation, high efficiency and clean thoroughly

Technical specification:

Packing:1760×990×1472 mm

Net weight:590 kg

Gross weight:635 kg

Maximum working efficiency:5100㎡/h

Width of suction head:1150mm

Working width:850mm

Brush diameter:17’’×2

Washing brush speed:150rpm

Washing brush pressure:60kg


Washing brush power:550W×2

Running motor power:900W

Running speed:0-6km/h

Maximum grade ability:10

Suction motor power :560W

Clean water tank volume:130L

Sewage tank :125L

Working time:4-4.5hours

Charge time:8 hours

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