Brushing Machine


1. It is customized aluminum housing to ensure no rusting. It has strong radiating performance. It is provided with 3p motor to provide powerful force.

2. It is particularly equipped with gear reducing box and aluminum alloy brush clamp.

3. It is also equipped with durable butterfly handle and water box of low gravity center.

4. Integrating the functions of ground cleaner, it can be used for crystallizing or renewing of the stone, suitable for plant, building, hotel and shopping plaza, It is particularly suitable for the cleaning company to make daily care and special treatment to the stone.

5. Accessories: main body, handle, water tank, 18” hard brush, 18” soft brush, 18” pad holder, 18” driving plate, aggravating iron

Technical specification:                                   

Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50Hz

Power: 2200W

Current: 13.6A

Brush Rotation Speed: 150rpm

Noise: ≤54dB

Power Line Length: 12m

Brush Diameter: 18”

Net Weight: 64.3kg

Gross Weight: 67.5kg

Color:     blue   

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